Achievements R&D Wilshire

The worldwide agriculture business environment is changing at a quick pace. In Future Agriculture is becoming more important because high crop yields are becoming more targeted and economic pressures mean governments and agribusiness systems are asking for dynamically viable responses for agriculture pest problems.

We’re dedicated to try our best: Our Research & Development department pushing the boundaries of science to create agrochemicals for some of the world’s greatest Agro challenges.

Our Research & Development has developed cost effective with environmental friendly processes. Like-


Magnesium Sulphate, Boran, Zink-Sulphate etc.

Insecticides / Pesticides:

Cartap Hydrochloride, Cypermethrin, Lambda cyhalothrin, Chlorpyrifos, Diafenthiuron etc.

Herbicides / Weedicides:

Metsulfuron methyl, Sulfosulfuron, Chlorimuron Ethyl, Ammonium Salt of Glyphosate, Imazethapyr etc.


Hexaconazole, Carbendazim, Metalaxyl, Carbendazim, Propiconazole etc.

Plant Growth Fertilizer/ Water Soluble

Triacontanol EW, Gibberellic Acid etc.