Company Profile

Wilshire is a popular name in Agrochemical Suppliers over last few years. It has been working extensively with the farming community to help them raise better and healthy crops. Today Wilshire’s reach and impact has crossed geographical boundaries. Through extensive research in agricultural fields, the company has developed many successful products and services. This has largely helped farmers grow healthy crops and increase their productivity.

Being established among the frontrunners in the Agri-input companies, Wilshire stands as a major supplier for a spectrum of Agri-input products catering across domestic and international markets. Its product range spans from Agro Chemical Technical & Formulations to Household and Public Health Chemicals and Fertilizers.

Wilshire Pesticides & Fertilizer Pvt. Ltd. serves a healthy, demand-driven global agricultural market. In a world that requires ever-increasing quantities of agricultural products for human food, animal feed, natural fibers and alternative fuels, the key to success is enhanced productivity.

Headquartered in Pune, Wilshire Agro currently operates in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Gujrat, Maharashtra, Haryana and Rajasthan.

Our Strength

Wilshire is leading the way with a line of products with stand-alone performance to bring peace of mind to distributors and growers.

Wilshire Pesticides & Fertilizer Pvt. Ltd. do not require special environmental conditions of temperature and humidity for activity; have a wide spectrum of control; do not require refrigerated storage; and have prolonged shelf life stability. Additionally, products are formulated to adapt to current field application practices and are user-ready and compatible in tank mix with most insecticides, herbicides, foliar fertilizers and an important number of fungicides.