Corporate Social Responsibility

Wilshire Pesticides & Fertilizer Pvt. Ltd. Has initiated many programmes like Kissan Mela, sanctions Scholarship to students, Agrochemical Awareness programme.

We are published “KISSAN SAMAJ” weekly news paper & set up training camps for farmers across Madhya Pradesh, Gujrat, Haryana, Panjab, Rajasthan & Maharashtra and continue to give tips & increase awareness related to agrochemical products, bio fertilizer and pesticides usages.

Green Energy Compaign (Nov.10, 2013)

Advanced Solutions for farming and Agricultural advancement.

Child Welfare Service (Sep.25, 2014)

For the budding future and the seeds that will flourish the coming days.

Child Education Initiative (Dec.17, 2014)

Education is a basic right and therefore is deserved by everyone. The Company initiated a programe for the same.