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WILSHIRE PESTICIDES & FERTILIZER PVT LTD is the brainchild of highly experienced professionals with an objective of providing innovative products to farmers to maximize their farm output .The company was founded in 2012 and the success story of the company find it’s root with the beginning of production in 2017.

We are an agrochemical company engaged in the business of manufacturing, distribution, and marketing of a wide range of agro chemical formulations such as insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, plant growth regulator, micro fertilizers to the B2C and B2B customers and Indian farmers through our distribution network. We provide crop protection solutions to the farmer to assist them to maximize productivity and profitability. We export our products to more than 5 countries in NEPAL, BHUTAN, TAIWAN, SHRI LANKA, SOUTH AFRICA. We sell our agrochemical products in granules, powder and liquid forms.

With an aim to offer a wide product portfolio across the agri -value chain, we continue to expand our product portfolio by introducing new products. We manufacture and sell various formulations of insecticides, fungicides and herbicides, plant growth regulators, micro fertilizers and antibiotics. As on the date of this Draft Red Herring Prospectus, we have obtained 130 registrations for agrochemical formulations from the CIB&RC.


We have commissioned world class fully integrated and ultra modern manufacturing facilities with an in-house R&D facility. Our R&D works upon ground-breaking formulations and combinations that are environmentally sustainable. Each stage of production is closely monitored from processing raw material to finished product, maintaining high industry standards because we, at WILSHIRE, believe in offering superior products to our customers.

The aim of WILSHIRE is to build strong relationship with customer to understand their needs and deliver performance in terms of usage. With our crop protection products, we are significantly contributing to food security of the country and the rest of the world today and tomorrow.


To provide radical solutions to Human being in such a way that they can grow with Full potential and improve their prosperity.


Value Creation

  • Focusing performance instead of performing.
  • Recommending correct& creative solutions always.
  • Fast actions for improving efficiency.


  • Keeping record of commitments made and updating them always.
  • Work within deadline and be result oriented.
  • Being answerable and accountable for actions.
  • Being honest & reliable




To become 1,000 Crore Group of Company by 2031.


Vivid Description


  1. WILSHIRE Corporate House” and will be having 20 branches across the INDIA by 2031.
  2. WILSHIRE will be working with top class talented, honest & hard working team.
  3. WILSHIRE would have launched IPO on main board by 2031 thus becoming one of the fastest growing companies amongst peer by 2031.
  4. WILSHIRE will be known as reputed, genuine, ethical, wealthy, disciplined, eco friendly, data driven, and system oriented company.
  5. WILSHIRE will be working with more than 5,000 business partners, Dealers, distributors, institutional customers, overseas clients by 2031.




  • Always Strive for innovation.
  • Building new capabilities among colleagues.
  • Continuous Self upgradation on daily basis.
  • Readiness for Adopting improvement within organization.



  • Customer satisfaction is our first priority.
  • We never compromise with quality standards.
  • We always strive for better quality.
  • Adhering policies and SOP every time
  • Building long term professional relations with OUR CUSTOMERS for their success.






Wilshire delivers one of the most comprehensive line-ups of quality agrochemical products and technology in the industries.



Greater attention is being paid by farmers on product quality in desire of more revenue from the same limited area of land available. In the backdrop of the current scenario and opportunities ahead, the company has discrete advantages, which could make it a very attractive investment option.



There are lot of expectations from a market leader and so far, we have been successful in living up to the hopes of our customers, dealers and all people associated with us and will continue to do so. All that goes behind it is our commitment towards quality, betterment of farmers and trust. This is clearly reflected in the goodwill the company has and the trust that people impose on us.



We have been associated with many Franchisee in major states of India & Globe. Every year, new people keep joining us. Wilshire makes sure to retain the feeling of trust and goodwill we share with our customers.



Our dedicated and highly skilled staff has made us a trusted name for our clients. The company has always insisted on taking services of best of the people in all the fields which has contributed to our fast growth and progress.



“To strive for excellence” is the quote, which is the drive behind all our research activities. We always ensure that our customers derive the maximum benefit and obtain highest returns on their efforts. That is why we have laid emphasis on research and development of our all products.

The result of our research is a long line of achievements that have advanced the cause of agriculture time and time again.



Quality control is a key factor which plays a major role in establishment of a product. The role of quality control is much more important when the field concerned is farming where the major factor affecting the crops is quality of products. At Wilshire we work hard to maintain the strictest quality controls for our products.

The job of quality control involves greater efforts and inputs in case of large production like ours. Despite this fact, our every product is checked for quality. And this shows in the feedback we receive from our customers. The other factors which play a vital role in maintaining good quality are processing equipments, storage conditions and product testing facilities. All these factors are taken care by us.



At wilshire, we continuously innovate and test the products, to ensure that they are well suited for Indian soil and contribute to the welfare of the farmers. In this regards, it is essential that the farmers get an opportunity to not just witness the innovation first hand, but also meet the scientists (the hands and brains behind these innovations).