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Features :  HEINEKEY is a unique soil conditioner, a naturally occurring organic substance consist primarily of Humic Acid and small quantity of minerals, gypsum and lays. The molecular structure provides numerous benefits to crop production. It eases organic content of the soil.

Crops: It is suitable for all kind of crops. Recommended for Banana, Wheat, Paddy, Cotton, Sugarcane, Cereals, Pulses, Oil Seeds, Fibrous Plants, Vegetables, Fruits, Spices, Cash crops, Plantation & Medicinal crops


  • Increases root mass and Brix level and increases organic carbon percentage in soil.
  • Increases water holding capacity of the soil and helps resist drought.
  • Increases aeration of soil, membrane permeability, plant respiration, photosynthesis, cell division and enlargement.
  • Enhances vegetable growth.
  • Improves soil humidity, structure and viability.
  • Increases germination of seed and viability.
  • Helps in getting more yield of better quantity.

Dose: 100-150 g./Acre

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