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Features :   Azotobacter helps to improve seed germination and disease resistance by synthesizing active compounds. Thus seed and seedling treatment with NATRAAT SHAKTI is beneficial.

Specifications :  

• Dosage and mode of application: For one acre of crop, mix 1-2 L of NATRA AT SHAKTI in 100-150 kg of moist compost material, incubate under shade for 12-16 h or overnight and broadcast before sowing or near plant root zone.
• Seed treatment: Make a paste of 10-20 ml NATRAAT SHAKTI with water apply to 1 kg of seed and shade dry before sowing.
• Seedlings: To 50 L of water, mix 300 ml of NATRAAT SHAKTI, soak the plantation material for 20-30 minutes before plantation.
• Seedling beds: To 25-30 L of water mix 300 ml of NATRAAT SHAKTI, drench on seedling beds or seedling tray.

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