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Benefits from Micorhizal to Plants : 

  • They increase the longevity of feeder roots, surface area of roots by forming mantle and spreading mycelia into soil and, in turn, the rate of absorption of major and minor nutrients from soil Increases, resulting in enhanced plant
  • They play a key role for selective absorption of immobile (P, Zn and Cu) and mobile (S, Ca, K, Fe, Mn, Cl, Br, and N) elements to plants. These are available to plants in less amount.
  • Some of the trees like pines cannot grow in new areas unless soil has Micorhizal inocula because of limited or coarse root hairs.
  • Micorhizal fungi enhance water uptake in plants.
  •  Micorhizal fungi reduce plant response to soil stress such as high salt levels, toxicity associated with heavy metals, mine spoils, drought and minor element (e.g. Mn) imbalance.
  • Micorhizal fungi decrease transplant socks to seedlings. They produce organic ‘glues’ which bind soil particles into semistable in aggregates. Thus, they play a significant role in augmenting soil fertility and plant nutrition.
  • Some of them produce metabolites which change the ability of plants to induce roots from woody plant cuttings and increase root development during vegetative propagation.
  • They increase resistance in plants and with their presence reduce the effects of pathogens and pests on plant health.

Dose: 4Kg. /Acre.

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